Magnificent Myths of the Mabinogi 2008

Manon Eames produced a truly magnificent performance of the Mabinogi, performed by the National Youth Theatre at Aberystwyth in 2008. The entire world of the Four Branches is brought to full, enchanted life, on stage.  A perfection of Mabinogi.

Alex Robertson set designer.

Alex Robertson set designer.

A powerful and dramatically effective structure employed is a chorus (as in Greek plays), so that a crowd, a group of maids, an audience within the play, give group responses. This worked very well, in creating a rich counterpoint between the striking, major characters and the lesser ones.

The set and costume design by Alex Robertson is an especially powerful evocation of Mabinogi atmosphere.  Photos here and one example above.

National Youth Theatre Wales, national tour, 2008
Playwright Manon Eames
Director; Tim Baker
Lighting Designer; Ace McCarron
Musical Director; Dyfan Jones
Fellow Design Team; Guto Humphreys, Llinos Griffiths, Jo Nicholls

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