Magnificent Myths of the Mabinogi 2009

In 2008 Manon Eames presented a miraculous stage version of the full Mabinogi in Aberystwyth. (My report here, with link to some photos)

The following year Jill Williams presented a slightly adapted version perfomed at the Pontardawe Arts centre by her own stage school Class Act. Like the original, the acting team were all very young, yet the depth and complexity of the performance was truly amazing.

Jill Williams, Pontardawe.

Jill Williams, Pontardawe.

The set, using stage platforms on different levels; the atmospheric lighting, and the exquisitely appropriate costumes, all helped to take us into the timeless world of the Mabinogi.  The setting was the tribal past, mediaeval Wales, and even by way of voice tones and quick asides, modern Wales. This is just as it should be, a composite made all the better by skilful use of both the Cymraeg and English.

It is a great sadness that neither Eames mighty original, nor Williams wonderful continuance, was filmed. Let us hope this is staged again, and this time, caught on video.

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