MEMO Discussion Feb. 19 Swansea

From the Mediaeval Mabinogi to My Research Website: a Tour Guide.
Shan Morgain, postgrad. University of Swansea.
19 February 2015, University of Swansea.

A triadic package designed to prompt discussion in three different directions, to cross fertilise each other (interlace).

THE MABINOGI First I will quickly review the most major context points on the Mabinogi. the oldest prose stories of Britain.
See attached briefing for advance preparation. For those new/ish to the topic only a gist understanding of this will be necessary. It is provided with fuller information in compact form to keep on file longer term. Welsh language version is about to be added.
RHIANNON AS ‘TOUR GUIDE’  Secondly I will explain informally how a certain Rhiannon is acting as my personal ‘Tour Guide’ for my research project.
MY RESEARCH WEBSITE Thirdly I will become your tour guide around my research website, to look at why I find it so vitally useful as a research tool.

DISCUSSION will be welcome on any of the interlaced points of the triad: the Mabinogi opus itself; or Rhiannon as Tour Guide, as key to my personal research approach; or the use of a website as a research tool.

Mabinogi_Briefing_by_Morgain_2015 is attached as advance preparation in pdf format.
It has two packed summary pages, some nice pictures, and useful resource lists for further interest on two levels: introductory or personal interest, and academic research.

MEMO, Swansea University’s Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Research. Associate Director: Professor Daniel Power.

Please use the Contact page if you would like more information.

WordPress experiment

I like XF forums a lot less nowadays and most academics seem to like blogs, so I decided to try and use WordPress to coordinate my online Mabinogi resources.

WP is at least well established so support should be possible.

My trusty helpers at Nimbus Webhosting had it running in an hour or so, though we had some trouble with directory names. I settled down to customise. The backend is much better than last time I tried WP.

The Mabinogi Bibliography

Sept. and Oct. 2013 I had collected a lot of the Mabinogi Bibliography in document form.  Did a triage on the main softwares available. Decided to use Zotero for the online bibliog. It has a neat double software which synchronises entries made on their site, and on my laptop.

I can categorise it using tags. It creates searchable, sortable bibliographies. I or any visitor can construct a selected bibliog list, and one or more items can be copied to clipboard in formatted style.

Rapidly grew it to 750 listings then settled down to steady slog to collect the rest.  Can’t insert it on my own site though.

Edit. Reached 1,000 listings by Spring 2014. I doubt it will go over 1,300. We’ll see. It has proven its weight in gold as they say.