The Mabinogi Bibliography

Sept. and Oct. 2013 I had collected a lot of the Mabinogi Bibliography in document form.  Did a triage on the main softwares available. Decided to use Zotero for the online bibliog. It has a neat double software which synchronises entries made on their site, and on my laptop.

I can categorise it using tags. It creates searchable, sortable bibliographies. I or any visitor can construct a selected bibliog list, and one or more items can be copied to clipboard in formatted style.

Rapidly grew it to 750 listings then settled down to steady slog to collect the rest.  Can’t insert it on my own site though.

Edit. Reached 1,000 listings by Spring 2014. I doubt it will go over 1,300. We’ll see. It has proven its weight in gold as they say.

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