CONTENTS  One page introduction to key Mabinogi facts. (Site homepage)
First Steps with the Mabinogi  Short list of recommended resources  for the newcomer. Webpages, books, recording and video, some of them free. Read, watch or listen, according to taste.

You can of course read the STORIES. right here.

QUICK INDEX A-Z A lovely index to look up people, places and key objects in the Mabinogi. Very brief descriptions only. Searchable, and if a name or word is a link it has a full Encyclopedia article..
QUICK TIMELINE Very short selected list, one page of key events 1100 CE to now.
QUICK GLOSSARY A helpful list for looking up key Welsh words.
SCHOLARS & TIMELINE Index with a fair degree of detail on scholars, concepts, key publications and events over the centuries. Can be switched from A-Z to Timeline order, and searched on any key word.

Longer articles about * People * Places * Animals or Things in the Mabinogi. Plus articles about the scholars and translators * research and theories * structure * language and of course the STORIES themselves.

THE MABINOGI BIBLIOGRAPHY Comprehensive bibliography of books, book sections, articles. I compiled it primarily  about the Four branches of the Mabinogi;  but it has fair coverage of ‘The Mabinogion.’ Useful context works of history  literature, and Middle Welsh. Media and fiction listings. Searchable, sortable on author, date or category tags. Well over 1,000 listings.(Est. 2013)

Shan Morgain, the author of this site.
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