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The main events in the history of the Mabinogi.
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1100c. 1100Approx. date the Mabinogi were first compiled.
1250c. 1250Peniarth 6. Fragments of manuscript. Second Branch excerpt page. Third Branch excerpt page. Some Gereint.
1350c. 1350Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch/ White Book MS.
13821382 - 1410Llyfr Coch Hergest, Red Book MS. Scribed nr. Swansea, Hopcyn.
1707Llyfr Coch gifted to Univ. Oxford.
1715Honourable and Loyal Society of Antient Britons, London; founded.
1795Owen (Pughe) First modern print format publ. (Pwyll I)
18381838 -45 seriesCharlotte Guest' The Mabinogion' bilingual, Wales & London. 7 vols. First complete modern publ.
1849Guest, 'Mabinogion' 3 vols. bilngual.
1877Guest, 'Mabinogion' English trans. only.
1884J. Gwenogvryn Evans (re)discovery of Llyfr Gwyn.
1904J. Gwenogwvryn Evans transcribed Llyfr Coch MS.
1904LLyfr Gwyn gifted to the National Library of Wales.
1906Everyman edition of Guest, English only.
1907J. Gwenogwvryn Evans transcribed Llyfr Gwyn MS.
1912Gruffydd article on the Mabinogion.
1929Ellis and Lloyd. The Mabinogion. New trans.
19301930, 1951, 1974, 1994.Williams, PKM. Pedair Cainc Mabinogi. (Welsh)
1949Jones & Jones. The Mabinogion. New trans. replaced Guest as Everyman ed.
1953Gruffydd, Rhiannon.
1970sPeriod approx.Mabinogi characters as deities, Pagan/ Goddess trads. (Celtic myths)
1974Bollard article on Mabinogi structure. New approach.
1976Gantz. The Mabinogion. New trans. Penguin ed.
1977Ford. Mabinogi and Other Welsh Tales. New trans.
1988Davie, S. Storytelling analysis, formulas.
1990Date for period.Feminist analyses appear.
1996Sullivan. Key anthology of essays.
1999Sept. 22 1999First online text (in English) on missgien.net
2002Parker. Mabinogi trans. online.
2004Guest trans. online, incl. illust. Gutenberg.
2006Bollard. Mabinogi. New trans. with sites photography.
2006Koch, ed. Celtic Encyclopedia 5 vols. Many articles relevant.
2007Davies. S. The Mabinogion. New trans.
2007Otherworld. S4C TV.
2007Welsh Prose 1300 - 1425 MSS. texts online, searchable.
2008Eames. Full theatre production Mabinogi, Wales.
2013Morgain. The Mabinogi Bibliography online.
2013Rodway. Summarises info on dating.
2013Oct. 2013 -Mar 2014Welsh Icons United. Exhibition NLW of 4 key MSS. incl. Llyfr Gwyn, Llyfr Coch.
19811981, 1983Moving Being, bi-lingual, open air theatre, Cardiff later Caernarfon.

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