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Featured colours of the Mabinogi are red, white/ paleness, grey/ dun and gold.

RED and WHITE associate with magical beings e.g. Cwn Annwfn, Hounds of Annwfn First Branch; or the white boar Third Branch. They are said to dazzle, or glitter. It requires a shift in vision to grasp how striking anything was which shone or glittered, as out modern world is so full of this. In a world of dun any whiteness or shininess is exciting.

PALENESS associates with high pedigree horses, see Arawn, Rhiannon’s first appearance, each in the First Branch.

GREY/ DUN is the practical hue of hunting gear, ref. Arawn’s first appearance First Branch.

See Hemming , Jessica., 2012. Red, White, and Black in Symbolic Thought: The Tricolour Folk Motif, Colour Naming, and Trichromatic Vision. Folklore 123, 310–329.

GOLD is especially featured and acts as a connector between Pwyll, the Queen of Annwfn, Rhiannon, Gwawl, the baby prince Gweri/ Pwyderi, and baby hero Lleu. Gold brocaded silk meant extremely high status as it was traded under strict cartel from Byzantium and Venice.

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