Prosiect Mabinogi

Prosiect Mabinogi

A three day festival of the Mabinogi – in Wales – and I missed it! Horrors!
See the end of this post for a good description by a participant storyteller who was lucky enough to be there.
Also all is not lost as there is likely to be a repeat.

WHEN was it? Friday 13 March, Saturday 14 March, Sunday 15 March 2015.
WHERE was it? Aberystwyth Arts Centre.
WHO organised it? Peter Stevenson. storyteller and arts organiser.
HOW did the idea start? According to Peter’s email today, “The kernel of the idea for the event came from a group of Canadian storytellers who arranged a 3 day telling of the Odyssey a few years ago, an idea which was repeated by a group of Welsh and English storytellers, including myself, in Llanidloes two years ago. From that spark came the idea to do the same with Y Pedair Cainc, and the idea to arrange a symposium, music, live drawing and art exhibitions followed on, in order to show the importance of visual and creative art in epic story.”
WHY did I miss it? It was apparently publicised on the storytelling circuits, and the Welsh Depts. at Aberystwyth and Cardiff universities. Outside those charmed circles …

So what actually happened? FRIDAY 13 11am – 4pm: Symposium
Sioned Davies of course, on translation issues. Other speakers were as diverse as historical context (Rhun Emlyn) and dating (Glendon S. Farquhar); genre discussion (Rowan Zhao), storytelling and performance (Michael Harvey, Jackie Burek, Jeremy Turner, Fiona Collins); connections with the Nordic Tradition (Nely van Seventer); and female agency (Kit Kapphahn and Kate Leach).
In the evening there was a screening of the S4C film ‘Otherworld based around the Mabinogi but not a simple retelling. This was followed by a musical singing perfomance.

SATURDAY 14 MARCH 11.00 – 20.00 A full and complete bilingual perfomance of the Four Branches. Storytelling switching from Welsh to English and back again.
Pwll Pendefig Dyfed, gyda Michael Harvey, Guto Dafis a Dafydd Davies Hughes. Branwen ferch Llyr, with Cath Little, Christine Cooper and Fiona Collins. Manawydan fab Llyr, gyda Michael Harvey, Guto Dafis a Dafydd Davies Hughes. Math fab Mathonwy, with Cath Little, Christine Cooper and Fiona Collins. Meanwhile artist Maria Hayes was doing live artwork.
Followed by a Dance Twmpath with the Grassie Busville Band.

SUNDAY 15 MARCH. Sioned Davies; ‘Word, Image, Ideology; The Victorian Mabinogion.’ Stories , Jez Danks, storytellers and artists, Cafe Caffi Exhibition. The Eagle and the Owl, Tryptych Theatre. Informal stories and chat in the Cafe with cake?

See a very good account by participant storyteller Sharron Kraus.

Do not despair! Peter Stevenson, the curator of the event, is already talking to me about doing it again. Whee!
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