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Charlotte Guest kept an everyday journal from the age of ten years (1822) to when she became too blind to do so at 78 (1890). These records are of strong historical interest generally, but of particular interest to Mabinogi studies as it was Charlotte Guest who first published the texts, in both Welsh, and her English translation.
Although parts of the Mabinogi had been previously published by William Pughe starting in 1795, the Guest publications were the first complete version in modern print format. Her passionate and perfectionist dedication, her wealth which sponsored the volumes, her extremely high social status, and entrepreneurial skill, ensured the Mabinogi became well known to the literati of her day in Welsh, British, European, Empire and American circles.

The main period of key interest in the journals for Mabinogi studies runs from 1833 when as Charlotte Elizabeth Bertie she married John Josiah Guest, the great Welsh ironmaster; until 1855 when as a widow she remarried and left Wales for a different lifestyle. But see also subsequent republished versions after that time.

INDEX OF GUEST JOURNALS Timeline, quotes and source books/ articles.


19 May 1812 Charlotte Elizabeth Bertie b. Lincolnshire.
1833 m. John Josiah Guest, began a new life based at Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfyl.
She immediately began learning Welsh.
1838 -1845 Published The Mabinogion as a bilingual series of 7 vols. Mabinogi texts are in the 1841 volume (Pwyll) with the rest in the last volume 1845.
1849 Republished The Mabinogion as 3 vols. set.
1855 m. Charles Schreiber. Left Wales for a traveling life as a collector.
1877 Republished The Mabinogion as one vol. the English translation only, but with her full 145 pages of notes and the illustrations. This version was to be reprinted and became especially well known when adopted by the popular Everyman series in 1906.
1890 Journal ends due to blindness.
15 January 1895 Charlotte Elizabeth Schreiber d. aged 82 at Canford Manor, Dorset.

Key sources for journal text shown Bold on date, and author/ editor. Other sources listed predominantly derive from these.

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