Kingsman (film)

A superb film one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. It’s excellent as fantasy fun and also as a serious subtext – which no reviewer and only one comment so far seems to have noticed.

Colin Firth is Colin Firth, perfect.  Action is fast paced well choreographed  – style is pure swizz – special effects used well but not over used (get the fireworks scene yay!) – sexism not so good but at least only one lump of flesh, in this genre it’s not as bad as usual – tech/ internet stuff is nicely presented –  it works as a good spy movie AND as a parody – fast and furious with some actual human relationship in there.

Optional serious track shows the 1% elite and their attitude to US the 99%. We are clutter and should be cleaned up to make way for a brave new future. The method to make us turn on each other is chillingly real – that is what is happening now today.
The pilot project in a fundie church is spiky clever on the values at the core.
Notice how cooperation and kindness gets a look in, though not fully developed.
As some comments have said the housing estate portrait and the makeover trope is dubious. It says a prole can only make it if a privileged master yanks him up even if he does succeed through his own efforts.

Hope this becomes a series – it has three good characters to build with and a good plot container with the Kingsman idea. Develop the girl next time.

Finally – we came away feeling happy and thoughtful. Can’t ask for more than that and few films manage it.

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