Eisteddfod 2014 with Christine James as Archdruid

My second visit to the Eisteddfod and this time it was a very great delight to watch our beautiful Christine leading the traditional Gorsedd ceremony. The Guardian gave it a Witness page which was nice, but considering it’s the largest arts festival in Europe one wonders why it didn’t make the news? Too peaceful? No nasty incidents, no crime or muck, just an awful lot of people having a fantastic time?  Not commercial, all done by volunteers? Or just not English even though tremendously successful, happening right in Britain?

Two PICS John took.

Christine James, Archdruid, 2014,  by John Davies.

Christine James, Archdruid, 2014, by John Davies.

John and I very much enjoyed our first Eisteddfod in I think 2008. It’s such a well organised event so you can trust it to keep you safe, comfortable, and greatly entertained.  To see Iolo’s ceremony actually happen is to join the tide of history.

But this year it was noticeably even better. I would not have thought it possible but there were so many little touches that showed kindness at work. I could sit down every 50 yards or so, there were always chairs – big item for me so I could stay and enjoy it for longer. As we left a steward greeted us by the door to ask us if all had gone well, such a caring detail that demanded a lot of volunteer time. I teased Christine afterwards that her characteristic motherliness was evident everywhere which I think she liked.

Eisteddfod 2014 by John Davies

Eisteddfod 2014 by John Davies


The Guardian page which has these two and more pics. Sadly the lovely accounts contributed have not been saved.

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