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of the Mabinogi

List of the main translations into English, and the chief renderings in modern Welsh typography. A few trans. into other languages are given but it should be noted that there are many more. There are also further translations into English; those listed here are the main ones generally used by scholars. Longer listings are abbreviated: for full info see The Mabinogi Bibliography.

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1795PugheBi'The Mabinogion, or Juvenile Amusements, being Ancient Welsh Romances', Cambrian Register, I (1795), pp. 177–87. 1st episode of Pwyll.
1799PugheBi‘The Romantic Tales called Mabinogion, or Juvenile Amusements’, part 2, Cambrian Register, II (1799), pp. 322–27. 2nd instal. to end of Rhiannon chase.
1802JonesEng‘Mabinogi, Part the First; the Juvenile Adventures of Pwyll, Prince of Dyved’ in The Bardic Museum, II, pp. 27–30. Annwfn sojourn; Rhiannon meeting.
1818PugheBi‘The Romantic Tales of the Mabinogion’, part 3, Cambrian Register, III (1818), pp. 230–46. To disappearance of baby.
1818PugheEng‘The Tale of Pwyll’, ed. Parry, Cambro-Briton Journal, 2 (1821), pp. 271–75. Reprint 1795.
1821PugheBi‘The Mabinogi of Taliesin’,The Cambrian Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repository, 5, Part 1 pp. 198–214; Part 2 pp. 366-382
1829PugheBi‘The Mabinogi: Or, the Romance of Math Ab Mathonwy’, The Cambrian Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repository, I and V, pp. 170–79
1838GuestBiThe Mabinogion, I; from the Llyfr Coch o Llergest and Other Ancient Welsh Manuscripts; with an English Translation and Notes, 'The Lady of the Fountain'. (Owain)
1839GuestBiThe Mabinogion, II. 'Peredur the son of Evrawc.'
1840GuestBiThe Mabinogion, III. 'Geraint the son of Erbin.'
1842GuestBiThe Mabinogion, IV. ' Kilhwch and Olwen.'
1843GuestBiThe Mabinogion, V. 'The Dream of Rhonabwy' & 'Pwyll Pendeuic Dyued' (Welsh text)
1845GuestBiThe Mabinogion, VI. 'The tale of Pwyll, Prince of Dyved,', 'Branwen the daughter of Llyr', 'Manawyddan the son of Llyr', & 'Math the son of Mathonwy'.
1849GuestBiThe Mabinogion, VII. ' The dream of Mayen Wbdig, Lludd and Llevelys, and The history of Taliesin.'
1849GuestBiThe Mabinogion, 3 volume set.
1877GuestEngThe Mabinogion, 1 volume. Reprinted 1906 by various publishers. The Everyman edition became well known. More editions followed. Online text incl. Intro, Notes, illustrations.
1889LothFrLes Mabinogion: Traduits en Entier pour la Première Fois en Français From Guest, & Llyfr Coch. 2nd ed. from Llyfr Gwyn also 1913
1914BuberDeDie vier Zweige des Mabinogi: ein keltisches Sagenbuch Onlne text
1929Ellis & LloydEngThe Mabinogion: A New Translation. Accurate, literal, drawn from all MSS. Later editions.
1930WilliamsCymPedeir Keinc y Mabinogi (PKM) Modernised typography, primarily Llyfr Gwyn. Classic reference.
1948Jones & JonesEngThe Mabinogion Golden Cockerel ed. Adopted by Everyman 1949. Attempts to balance accuracy with flow. Later editions.
1957Thomson R.L.CymPwyll Pendeuic Dyfed. DIAS.
1961Thomson D.S.CymBranwen uerch Lyr. DIAS.
1961Thomson D.S.CymPwyll Pendeuic Dyued. DIAS.
1976GantzEngThe Mabinogion: translated with an introduction. Penguin. Popular with some eccentricities.
1976FordEngThe Mabinogi and Other Medieval Welsh Tales. First to focus the 'native tales'. Map, glossary, Index of names, long intro. 2nd ed. 2006. Online text
2003ParkerEngText Translations. Useful easily readable online text, a page for each Branch: so can use CTRL+F to search. Trans. from DIAS eds. & PKM. Online text
2006BollardEngThe Mabinogi, Legend and Landscape of Wales. Readable, accurate, beautifully illustrated with photos of the Welsh sites. Convenient notes on page. Map.
2007DaviesEngThe Mabinogion. Popular, compact, accurate, readable. Notes at rear. Revives usage of 'Mabinogion'. Paperback 2008.
2017BoydEngThe Four Branches of The Mabinogi. Fron 2014 series. Controversial use of translated names.
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