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of the Mabinogi

Humans and animals. ANON incl. groups given 'convenient titles' not extant text, often my construction. Protagonists (Bold) appear in more than one episode of a Branch. [1] = Branch.
Entries for ANIMALS, ANON, GROUPS in caps. give lists.

Adar RhiannonBirds. [2] Enchanters at trancelike feast, Harlech by Seven Survvors after Irish War, cf. Culhwch numbered three.
ANIMALSSee - Adar Rhiannon; Boar; Cŵn Annwfn; Eagle; Hawks; Horse (various); Hounds (various); Mice; Mouse Lady; Owl; Pigs of Annwfn; Puppies; Staghound bitch; Starling; Sow; Stag; Wolf; Wren.
ANONSee - [1] Officers of Annwfn; Queen of Annwfn; Earl of Annwfn; Herald of Annwfn; Adviser at Arberth; Grooms at Arberth; Maids of Rhiannon; Lady of Gwent; Maids of Gwent; (Stable) Grooms. [2] Irish Cook; British Army; Irish Warriors (cf Efnysien); Irish Army; Harlech Travelers. [3] (Crafts) Saddlemakers; Shieldmakers; Shoemakers; Scholar; Priest; Bishop; Mouse Lady; Mice people. [4] Men of Dyfed (army); Maids of Blodeuedd]; Men of Goronwy.
Arawnm. [1] King of Annwfn, enchanter, shapeshifts identity with Pwyll, who kills the rival Annwfn king Hafgan. Pwyll is acclaimed Penn Annwfn, Head/ Chief of Annwfn. Arawn becomes allied friend of Dyfed, exchanging rich gifts: horses, hounds, hawks, treasure. Special pigs gifted lead to the death of Pryderi, Pwyll's son.
Arianrhod ferch Dônf. [4] Gwynedd. Dishonored by brother Gwydion & uncle Math, she rejects her two children. In conflict with Gwydion she lays 3 fateful bans on her son Lleu, his fosterling: no name, no arms, no human wife. Gwydion tricks her on the first two, but his constructed 'wife' causes Lleu's death.
AttendantsBoys & two horsemen help Pwyll dress at Annwfn court. See also Maids (4 groups).
Bards Pwyll prompted by Rhiannon gives largesse to minstrels the morning of his wedding. [1] See Storytellers.
Bendigeidfran fab Llŷrm. [2] King of all Britain, avenges sister Branwen via Irish War. After death becomes guardian of Britain. Nephew Gweir killed by Efnysien. Son Caradawc killed by Caswallon.
Birds[2] Adar Rhiannon. [1] Hawks; [2] Starling; [4] Wren; [4] Eagle.
Bishopm. [3] Dyfed. Llwyd's third, last disguise as Bishop to negotiate his Mouse Lady's freedom from Manawydan.
Bleiddwnm. [4] Gwynedd. Son of Gwydion & Gilfaethwy as wolves, adopted by Mâth
Blodeueddf. [4] Gwynedd. Non-human (enchanted) wife of Lleu; unfaithful, plots his death. Gwydion's vengeance transforms her to an owl.
BoarPig. [3] Pryderi & Manawydan, hunting, lured to tower trap by white boar. [4] Math shapeshifts Gwydion & Gilfaethwy as boar & sow, bear son Hychdin Hir. See Pigs of Annwfn; Sow.
BrânSee Bendigeidfran
Branwen ferch Llŷrf. [2] High ranking princess of Britain, abused queen of Ireland, husband Matholwch. Brother Bendigeidfran avenges her in the Irish War. She is peacemaker, dies of grief and guilt.
Caradawc fab Bendigeifranm. [2] Britain. Son of Bendigeifran, chief of the seven stewards left to guard the land of Britain during the Irish War. He died of grief due to Caswallon's violence in murdering the other six.
Caswallonm. No clear genealogy. [2] Usurper of Britain during Irish War, violent murderer. Crowned king at London. [3] Pryderi diplomatically paid him homage. In Lloegr, England, the Dyfed family express fear of Caswallawn knowing they are there.
Cigfa ferch Gwyn Gohoywf. [3] Genealogy of Gloyw, Gloucester. Chaste wife of Pryderi, attempts to prevent Manawydan from humilating himself. Not present in Pryderi's final tale.
Counsellors to Rhiannon[1] Accused of infantcide Rhiannon holds counsel with her advisers to decide what to do.
Courtier at Arberthm. [1] A Dyfed courtier advises Pwyll of the nature of the Arberth prophecy before he meets Rhiannon.
Cŵn AnnwfnDogs. [2] Enchanted hunting hounds of Arawn, red eyes & ears, hunt Stag, meet Pwyll.
Cymedei Cymeinfoll [2] Giantess from Iwerddun, Ireland, whose sons are full grown warriors six weeks after birth. Their violence brings murderous Irish vengeance. Cymidei escapes with craftsman husband Llassar, emigrates to Britain where the couple flourishes.
Dogs[1,2,4] Cŵn Annwfn; Hounds (Pwyll, Pryderi); Puppies; Staghound bitch.
Dônf. [4] Gwynedd. Mother of Arianrhod, Gwydion, and Gofannon; sister of Math of Gwynedd.
Dylan Eil Tonm. [4] Gwynedd. Rejected child of Arianwhod, takes to the sea. Killed by Gofannon, uncle.
EagleBird. [2] Enchanted shapeshift, Lleu after death by Gronw. Reclaimed by Gwydion tracking a Sow.
Earl of Annwfnm. [1] Cryptic noble at the feast Pwyll joins, seated beside Queen of Annwfn.
Efnysien fab Euroswyddm. [2] Britain, Ireland. Bitterly resentful half brother of Bendigeidran, Branwen & Manawydan; full bro. Nisien. Villain of Second Branch, killer, plotter. Dies heroically destroying Cauldron.
Gilfaethwym. [4] Gwynedd. His brother Gwydion arranges a war so that Gilfaethwy can rape the virgin Goewin.
Glifieu Eil Taranm.[2] One of the Seven Survivors of the Irish War; also Manawydan, Pryderi, Taliesin, Ynawg, Gruddyeu ap Muriel, Heilyn ap Gwyn Hen.
Goewin ferch Pebinf. [4] Gwynedd. High status virgin footholder to Math, raped by Gilfaethwy. She reports to Math who marries her in compensation.
Gofannon ap Dônm. [4] Gwynedd. Smith god. Brother of Gwydion, Gilfaethwy, Arianrhod. Uncle of Dylan who he kills.
Groomm. [1] Dyfed. Pwyll tells his groom to saddle his horse so as to pursue Rhiannon.
Gronw Pebyrm. [4] Gwynedd. Noble lover of Blodeuedd, plots with her to murder her husband Lleu. Succeeds, but Gwydion rescues Lleu who kills Gronw.
GROUPSSee - Bards; Counsellors to Rhiannon; Gwawl's company; Hyfaidd's Court; Irish Warriors; Maids of Arianrhod; Maids of Blodeuedd; Maids of Gwent; Maids of Rhiannon; Mice; Men of Dyfed; Nobles of Dyfed; Saddlers; Servants; Seven Survivors; Shieldmakers; Shoemakers; Stable boys; Storytellers; Travellers; Warband of Annwfn.
Gruddyeu ap Murielm.[2] One of the Seven Survivors or the Irish War; also Manawydan, Pryderi, Glifieu Eil Taran, Taliesin, Ynawg, Heilyn ap Gwyn Hen.
Gwawl ap Cludm. [1] Dyfed. Princely noble, suitor to Rhiannon, rival to Pwyll, unsuccessful.
Gwawl's companym.f. [1] Dyfed. Pwyll greets Gwawl's company of men and women present at the second wedding feast.
Gwern ap Matholwchm. [2] Ireland. Son of Branwen & Matholwch, becomes heir to Britain & Ireland as infant but Efnysien his uncle murders him.
Gŵri Gwallt Eurynm. [1] Gwent. 'Gwri Golden hair'. Childhood name of Pryderi, son of Rhiannon & Pwyll, adopted by Teyrnon & Lady of Gwent.
Gwydion ap Dônm. [4] Gwynedd. Brother of Arianrhod, enchanter, foster father of Lleu. Villain of Fourth Branch, contests with Arianrhod, wins twice loses third. Constructs Blodeuedd. Rescues Lleu.
Hafganm. [1] Rival king of Annwfn, enemy of Arawn. Pwyll vanquishes him in political duel.
HawksBirds. [1] Noted as valuable gifts between Annwfn & Dyfed to cement their alliance,
Heilyn ap Gwyn Henm.[2] One of the Seven Survivors or the Irish War. He ended the 80 year feast at Gwales by opening the forbidden door. also Manawydan, Pryderi, Glifieu Eil Taran, Taliesin, Ynawg, Gruddyeu ap Muriel.
Heraldm. [1] A herald announces the purpose and terms of a duel 1) Pwyll- Hafgan in Annwfn. 2) Pryderi- Gwydion.
HorseLarge, pale horse ridden by Arawn the enchanter king, Dyfed. [1] Horses noted as valuable gifts of alliance Annwfn-Dyfed. [1] Enchanted, large, noble steed which Rhiannon rides to court Pwyll (Dyfed) [1]. Pwyll's horses even his best 3 cannot reach her anomalous pace [1]. Rhiannon's penance at horse block. [1] Teyrnon's mare foals but they are abducted (Gwent) [1]. Boy Gwri loves horses, is given the rescued colt, takes it to Arberth. [1]. Efnysien mutilates Matholwch's horses as dishonour to cause strife, Bendigeidfran replaces them. (Gwynedd) [2] Rhiannon's punishment by LLwyd [3]. Gwydion makes fake horses to tempt Pryderi [4]. See Riders.
HoundDog. See Cwn Annwfn; Hounds (Pwyll, Annwfn gifts, Pryderi); Puppies; Staghound bitch.
HoundsDogs. Pwyll takes his hunting hounds to Glyn Cuch to hunt, meets Arawn. Hounds are valuable gifts in the Annwfn-Dyfed alliance.[1] Pryderi ensures family survival in the Devastation of Dyfed via hounds; pursues hounds into tower of captivity, following Boar. [3]
Hychdin Hirm. [4] Gwynedd. Son of Gwydion & Gilfaethwy as boar & sow, adopted by Mâth
Byddwnm. [4] Gwynedd. Son of Gwydion & Gilfaethwy as stag & hind, adopted by Mâth
Hyfaidd Henm. [1] Father of Rhiannon, presides at her wedding feasts, with her, gives legal advice.
Hyfaidd's Courtm.f. [1] Explicitly mentioned at the final stage of Rhiannon and Pwyll's wedding feast.
Byfaidd Hirm. [2] Britain. Messenger of Bendigeidfran, one of the Seven Survivors of the Irish War.
Irish Warriorsm. [2] Irish warriors hide in flour bags to ambush the British. Efnysien kills them by crushing their heads.
Lady of Gwentf. [1] Gwent. Anonymous wife of Teyrnon, (my name for her), advises him in all matters, adopts Gwri/ Pryderi.
Llassar Llaes Gyfnewidm. [2] Ireland, Britain. Husband of Cymidei, guardian of Cauldron, emigrates to Britain. Craftsman in leather.
Lleu Llaw Gyffesm. [4] Rejected son of Arianrhod, adopted by Gwydion his uncle. Marries Blodeuedd, murdered by his wife and her lover. Survives as eagle, reclaimed by Gwydion.
Llwyd fab Cilcoedm. [3] Enchanter friend of Gwawl, attempts to avenge him. Creates Devastation for Dyfed, traps Pryderi & Rhiannon. Manawydan captures his wife, the Mouse Lady, uses her to negotiate restitution.
Llŷrm. [2] Father of Branwen, Bendigeidfran, Manawydan
Maids of Arianrhodf. [4] Gwydion & Lleu visit disguised as bards. Under fake attack her two maids arm Gwydion; she arms Lleu, breaking her second ban.
Maids of Blodeueddf. [4] Support their lady in her actions, flee in terror from Gwydion's vengeance, fall to deaths in lake.
Maids of Gwentf.[1] The Lady of Gwent refers to her Maids as completely loyal if she constructs deceit that she gives birth to foundling Gŵri/Pryderi.
Maids of Rhiannonf. [1] Six women. To hide their failure to guard Rhiannon, they plot, smearing her with puppies' blood to look like infanticide.
Manawydan fab Llŷrm. [2,3] Brother of Bendigeidfran king of Britain, and Branwen queen of Ireland. Trusted diplomat, cautious about enchantment, friend of Pryderi who gifts him rulership. Marries Rhiannon. Craftsman, farmer. Captures Mouse Lady, uses her to negotiate restitution of Dyfed.
Math ap Mathonwym. [4] Lord of Gwynedd, enchanter, needs footholder unless at war. Marries the raped Goewin as restitution. Constructs non-human Blodeuedd as wife for Lleu and gifts him territory.
Matholwchm. [2] King of Ireland, seeks marriage with Branwen of Britain, father of Gwern. Follows bad advice, abuses Branwen, acts treacherously to Bendigeidfran.
Mathonwyf/m. [4] Parent of Math. Listed as female or male in different places.
Men of Dyfedm. [4] Pryderi leads his men to war with Gwynedd. He is killed by Gwydion, grieving they bear his body away.
MiceVermin. [3] Llwyd shapeshifts wife and courtiers as mice to raze Manawydan's crops. See Mouse Lady.
Mouse Ladyf. [3] Anonymous wife of Llwyd the enchanter, (my name for her). Playfully shapeshifts to Mouse, captured by manawydan, used as hostage.
Nobles of Dyfedm. f. Pwyll has companions when he hunts in Glyn Cuch, prob. nobles. He reassures his nobles on returning from Annwfn. They are with him on Gorsedd Arberth during Rhiannon's rides. He takes 99 with him to the 2nd wedding feast. They (men & women) receive her gifts as a bride. They later urge him to divorce Rhiannon, twice. [1] In Pryderi's time they advise accepting Gwydion's costly gifts, then to go to war. [4] See Men of Dyfed.
Nysien fab Llŷrm. [2] Brother and opposite character of Efnysien, peaceful person.
OwlBird. [4] Gwydion avenges Lleu's betrayal by condemning Blodeuedd to live as an owl.
Pebinf. [4] Gwynedd. Father of Goewin.
Penarddunm. [2] Mother of Bendigeidfran, Manawydan, Branwen by Llýr; and by Euroswydd, of Efnysien & Nisien. The different status of her two consorts lead to the conflict and war of the Second Branch.
Pendaranm. [1] High status noble of Dyfed who transacts matters as equal with Pwyll & Rhiannon; foster father of Pryderi. Also named in Second Branch.
Pigs of AnnwfnPigs [4] Gwynedd. Enchanted much prized pigs, gifts of Annwfn to Pendaran, Pryderi, cause of war Dyfed, Gwynedd.
PigsBoar [3 & 4] Pigs of Annwfn [4]; Sow [4]
Priestm. [3] Dyfed. Llwyd's second disguise as Priest to negotiate his Mouse Lady's freedom from Manawydan. See Scholar; Bishop.
Pryderi ap Pwyllm. [1] Dyfed, Ireland, Ceredigion. Son of Rhiannon & Pwyll, abducted, foster son of Teyrnon (as Gŵri) & Pendaran. Successful war leader. Marries Cigfa. [1] Survivor of Irish War. [2] Generous friend to Manawydan. Imprisoned by Llwyd. [3] Befriends Gwydion who betrays him to foment war. Duels Gwydion, dies. [4] Pryderi Cycle theory makes him 'hero of the Mabinogi' but no longer accepted.
PuppiesDogs. [1] Maids of Rhiannon plot to hide their failure as guardians; kill puppies, smear Rhiannon with blood.
Pwyllm. [1] Prince of Dyfed, becomes Penn Annwfn hero, ally of Arawn. Chosen of Rhiannon, courtship rides, plots with her to overcome rival Gwawl. Loyal to Rhiannon during loss of their son, her penance. Lives long life, dies peacefully.
Queen of Annwfnf. [1] Anonymous wife of Arawn, (my name for her), ideal queen, endures chaste bed with shapechanged Pwyll, later dialogue with husband.
Rhiannonf. Elite noblewoman, horsewoman, enchanter, goddess. Chooses Pwyll as consort, plots with him to extricate herself from Gwawl marriage. Son Gŵri/ Pryderi abducted. She is accused, does penance. Child restored by Teyrnon. [1] Afar Rhiannon [2]. Widowed. Remarries, Manawydan. Journeys in Lloegres (England). Captive of Llwyd, rescued by Manawydan. [3]
RIDERSArawn & (implicit) Pwyll[1] Pwyll, Hafgan duel [1] Rhiannon at Arberth, two pursuers (m.), Pwyll [1] Gwri, stable boys [1] Rhiannon, Pwyll to Dyfed [1] Rhiannon's penance, travelers, Teyrnon's company, Gwri/ Pryderi [1]
Saddlersm.[3]Manawydan & family's first business succeeds so well at saddlemaking they make fatal enemies of English saddlers. See Shieldmakers, Shoemakers.
Scholarm. [3] Dyfed. Llwyd's first disguise as Scholar to negotiate his Mouse Lady's freedom from Manawydan. See Priest; Bishop.
ServantsServants attampt to fill the bag with food at the second wedding feast.[1]
Seven Survivorsm.[2] The survivors or the Irish War are given as Manawydan, Pryderi, Glifieu Eil Taran, Taliesin, Ynawg, Gruddyeu ap Muriel, Heilyn ap Gwyn Hen. Branwen also survives, poss. not listed as female/ she dies on reaching home.
Shieldmakersm.[3] Manawydan & family's second business succeeds so well they make fatal enemies of English shieldmakers. See Saddlemakers, Shoemakers.
Shoemakersm.[3] Manawydan & family's third business succeeds so well they make fatal enemies of English shoemakers. He returns a fourth time, again making shoes. See Saddlemakers, Shieldmakers. [4] Gwydion disguises as a shoemaker to deceive Arianrhod.
SowPig. [4] Math shapeshifts Gwydion & Gilfaethwy to boar & sow: son Hychdin Hir adopted by Math. A sow leads Gwydion to post-death Lleu, as an Eagle ina tree.
Stable boysm.[1]As a boy Gŵri (later Pryderi) adores horses, persuades stable boys to let him water them.
Stagm. Deer. Pwyll takes stag belonging to Arawn, opening a compensatioN dialogue [1]. Gwydion & Gilfaethwy shapeshifted to deer, bear son Byddwn, adopted by Math [4].
Staghound bitchDogs. [1] Maids of Rhiannon plot to hide their failure as guardians, kill bitch's puppies, smear Rhiannon with their blood, place bones beside her.
StarlingBird [2] Branwen in Ireland trains starling to fly to brother Bendigeidfran in Britain with message of her abuse by husband Matholwch.
Storytellersm.[4] Ceredigion. Gwydion in disguise, takes a band of people to entertain Pryderi and win his trust.
Taliesinm.[2] One of the Seven Survivors or the Irish War; also Manawydan, Pryderi, Glifieu Eil Taran, Ynawg, Gruddyeu ap Muriel, Heilyn ap Gwyn Hen.
Teyrnon Twryf Liantm. [1] Honorable lord, horse breeder, guards his mare and rescues abducted Gŵri/Pryderi. Respects Lady of Gwent's advice, restores Gŵri/Pryderi to Dyfed.
Travellers[1] Rhiannon's penance involves meeting travellers at the Arberth gates, to tell them her story of infanticide, and offer to carry them.
Wolves[4] Gwydion & Gilfaethwy shapeshifted to wolf pair: son Bleiddwn adopted by Math.
Wren[4] Lleu as a boy shoots a wren, Arianrhod exclaims he is skilful. By speaking to him she breaks her first ban, directly recognising he exists, givins him his name: 'skliful hand'.
Ynawgm.[2] One of the Seven Survivors or the Irish War; also Manawydan, Pryderi, Glifieu Eil Taran, Taliesin, Gruddyeu ap Muriel, Heilyn ap Gwyn Hen.
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