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Mabinogi Timeline (longer version)

c. 1100Tales put together by a single composer.From oral performance tradition dating back an unknown period.
c. 1225MS. Peniarth 6Earliest surviving manuscript.Two pages of the Mabinogi survive (NLW)
c. 1350MS. Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch'The White Book of Rhydderch', earliest complete version of the Mabinogi. (NLW)
c. 1382-1405MS. Llyfr Gwyn Hergest'The Red Book of Hergest', complete version with all of The Mabinogion. (Oxford)
1875William Owen Pughe publ. first printed taleFirst episode of Pwyll. Two more episodes of Pwyll to the disappearance of baby; also Math. Welsh & English.
1838-49Charlotte Guest publ. The Mabinogion.Welsh & English. All the Mabinogi except Welsh text Pwyll in Vol. 5, 1845.
1887-1907John Gwenogvryn Evans publ. MSS. copies'Diplomatic texts'. Also cataloguing of MSS.
1897-1901Edward Anwyl, first major studyFour part series focusing the Mabinogi in its own right, ZCP journal.
1906Everyman Library editionGuest's English trans. making it much more widely known.
1930PKM: Ifor WilliamsClassic Welsh text, modernised typography clearer for students.
1933Evangeline Walton, fantasyNot the first. Later became well known 1970s
1948Jones & Jones trans.First popular trans. for a century since Guest. Everyman ed. 1949.
1953WJG: William John Gruffydd RhiannonMajor study. Reconstructing of the 'original myth', and domination by Irish traditions, no longer accepted.
1961Kenneth Jackson, folkloreMotifs analysed from international tales, from Aarne & Thompson.
1974John Bollard, Literature, interweavingAsserts the Mabinogi as coherent, and 'intricate' literature: social principles evident in interweaving of patterns. Trans. 2006
1975'Rhiannon', Stevie NicksSong by international rock group Fleetwood Mac
1981, 1983Moving Being, theatreMajor staging at Cardiff, Caernarvon castles. Robin Williamson music
1987, 2001Alan Lee illustrations1987 Jones & Jones version. 2001 Guest version
1986Rob Valente, feminist'Merched y Mabinogi' PhD. Mabinogi women, agency in voice. Obscured by goddess myths, and male perspectives.
1989Sioned Davies, storytelling formulasPedeir Keinc y Mabinogi, English version 1993.
1991BBC Ch. 4Four episode series based on the Mabinogi
1996Charles William Sullivan III, anthologyCollects main articles developing the Bollard approach.
1996Valley Stream videosDVD series, then online 2004
1999First text onlineMiss Gien 1906 Guest English text.
2002'Otherworld, S4CCutting edge film mixing cartoon with live actors.
2002-03Will Parker, trans. onlineAlso bibliographic essay, and articles.
2007 Welsh Prose 1300 -1425Cardiff U.MSS. text online. <
2007Sioned Davies, trans.Storytelling style, widely available. Paperback 2008. Many other works.
2012The Mabinogi BibliographyShan Morgain, publ. online 2013. Further indexing.
2015, 2017Storytelling conferencesAberystwyth, Peter Stevenson, many storytellers, artists, a few Mabinogi scholars
2017Sioned Davies, SymposiumCardiff, international Mabinogi scholars, poetry
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