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Scholars of the Mabinogi

Quick reference to key Mabinogi scholars selected here on significant contributions to the field (the full Mabinogi Bibliography lists 100s of scholars).
Dates = scholar's main Mabinogi work period. Italics indicates title of key book. (S) = Sullivan anthology 1996.

Click DATES for timeline view. Click NAME for A-Z view.

1897-1912Anwyl, EdwardFirst exclusively Mabinogi analysis (1897-1901. Myth., Lit. 3 Cycles
1974-Bollard, John K.Intricate unified literature paradigm, structural analysis, 3 themes (S)
1997-Breeze, AndrewWoman author, political analysis. Medieval Welsh Literature
1954-2006Bromwich, RachelTrioedd, 'Triads' 1969 Exc. Mabinogi data Pughe Guest biog (S)
1970-Charles-Edwards, ThomasDating 1050-1100 (S) Crit S. Lewis Welsh King and his Court
1993Davies, Rhiannon'Moral Structure' PhD
1986-Davies, SionedMany works. Oral performance, formulaic units. Trans. 2007/ 2008
1926-29Ellis, Thomas PeterLegal. Trans. The Mabinogion 1929
1887-1907Evans, John Gwenogvryn1887 Llyfr Coch Mabinogi 1899-05 Reports on MSS 1907 Llyfr Gwyn
1977-Ford, PatrickTrans. The Mabinogi and Other Native tales. Myth. Lit. (S)
1988-Fulton, HelenPolitical context, education of princes.
1976-Gantz, JeffreyTrans. The Mabinogion Thematic structure (S)
1991-Green, MirandaMyths, goddesses.
1912-55Gruffydd, William JohnMythological reconstr. Rhiannon 1953 Irish dominance, Pryderi hero (WJG)
1838-1877Charlotte GuestFirst complete publ. orig. bilingual. Arthurian romance inspired.
1972-99Hamp, EricDating Archaism
1993-Hemming, JessicaFirst Branch, Ami Amile, Rhiannon, colours Otherworld, aka Hooker
1992-Hughes, IanMany works all Branches, context, language. Tripartite structure
1951-74Jackson, Kenneth International Popular Tale 1963 applied Aarne Thompson tale analysis
1946-93Jones, GwynTrans. (+Thomas Jones) 1948 First popular since Guest. Many works.
1981-Jones, R. M.Structural analysis (S)
1946-82Jones, ThomasTrans. (+Gwyn Jones) 1948 First popular since Guest. Many works
2010-Kapphahn, KrisSocial context, gender, warriors
1985-Koch, John T.Many works. Iron Age, myth, social context. Encyclopedia many articles 2006
1923-75Lewis, SaundersDating 12thC crit Charles-Edwards. Playwright. Political activist.
1928-53Loomis, Roger ShermanArthurian, Grail, Irish influence
1889-1929Loth, Joseph MarieTrans. Guest text to French, first trans into 3rd language.
2010-Luft, DianaWelsh Renaissance, esp. 18thC
1911Lloyd, ElizabethMabinogion as Literature, mentored by Anwyl
1981-Lloyd-Morgan, CeridwenTriadic structure. gender, violence.
1955-99Mac Cana, ProinsiasThe Mabinogi but re Mabinogion. Many works. Myth reconstruction
1980-McKenna, CatherineCrit. Sovereignty (S) Many works kingship lordship poets
2012-Morgain, Shan'Mabinogi Bibliog' & this site. Rhiannon, politics, Welsh Renaissance
2002-Parker, WillPioneer online resources: history bibliog trans. Four Branches native myth.
1792-1833Pughe, William OwenFirst publ. Mabinogi text. Many works. Unpubl. Mabinogion incl. art
1964-Roberts, Brynley F.Performance oral trad. Characters. Legends
1998-Rodway, SimonManuscripts, dating, crit. Celtic. Dating Medieval Welsh Literature 2013
1887-1901Rhys, JohnFirst Prof. Celtic Oxford, Hibbert Lect. Myth, solar hero, bardic apprentice.
1977-2011Sims-Williams, PatrickIrish Influence 2011
1989-Sullivan III, Williamed. The Mabinogi. A Book of Essays (1996). Myth & fantasy,
1983-09Thomas, GwynMany versions Welsh, Eng. incl. children
2007-13Thomas, Peter Wynne, et al'Welsh Prose 1300 -1425' Online transcription Llyfr Gwyn, Llyfr Coch
1986-Valente, RobertaMerched y Mabinogi: Women 1986. Crit. myth. (S)
1988-Welsh, AndrewStructural analysis, tripartite. Esp. Manawydan (S)
1929-47Williams, IforPedeir Keinc y Mabinogi (PKM) Classic modernised Welsh. Dating, social
1997-Winward, Fiona Women, gender
1975-Wood, JulietteCalumniated Wife motif (S), folklore, Goddesses
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