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Mabinogi Timeline (basic)

Also short list of recommended books, films, recordings, or translations or more detailed Timeline 2.

c. 1100Tales put togetherA single composer organised and edited the tales from long period of oral performance tradition.
c. 1225 -1405Manuscripts. Three MSS. survive but there were probably more. 1) Peniarth 6. 2) Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch, 'White Book'. 3) Llyfr Coch Hergest, 'Red Book.
1875-1828William Owen PugheFirst printing: most of Pwyll and Math. Welsh & English.
1838-49Charlotte GuestThe Mabinogion Welsh & English. English only ed. 1877.
1880s - 1930Early academic scholarsManuscripts copied, Gwenogvryn Evans. First full studies made, Anwyl, Lloyd. New trans., Ellis. Tidied up Welsh version, PKM.
1912-1970sMythologyMabinogi as 'broken remains' single myth. Chief study WJG Rhiannon 1953. Much discredited. More new trans.
1974John Bollard Mabinogi as LiteratureThe Mabinogi as coherent, and 'intricate' literature: social principles evident in interweaving of patterns.
1975 –Mabinogi artsFleetwood Mac. Evangeline Walton, fantasy. Theatre at Cardiff, Caernarvon castles. Robin Williamson music. Alan Lee illustrations. National Youth Theatre.
1986Mabinogi womenRob Valente. Voice power, humanity obscured by goddesses.
1989 –StorytellingSioned Davies research Pedeir Keinc y Mabinogi, Eng. version 1993. Storytelling conferences 2015-17. Symposium 2017
1991-2002TV & film
see Mabinogi arts
(BBC radio 1943) Ch. 4 series. DVDs, later online. S4C 'Otherworld'.
1999 –Mabinogi OnlineFirst text(1999) 'Miss Gien'.(2004) Guest text. Will Parker (2002-03) trans.. 'Welsh Prose 1300 -1425' (2007) MSS. text.
2012Mabinogi BibliographyShan Morgain, publ. online 2013. This site, further indexing.
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