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The Mabinogi Indexes - HELP

The Indexes are directories, collections of entries.
Longer ones can be searched using a search box above the top entry.
Order on A-Z names, or on date to give a timeine.
Some items appear in more than one Index.
Some have tags to help search by category. Tags list shown at top.
Links to other pages, or to external websites.

Main Index A-Z Characters, their society, landscape, mythology, magic, laws, and morality. Also includes relevant entries on other Welsh tales, Triads, poetry, motifs, and the most important Mabinogi scholars and theories. Key online resources. Welsh words and their meanings.

Timeline The 'Story of the Story' from 1100 to today, short overview. Timeline 2 is longer and more detailed.

Translations Index Short overview index of the main translations with brief info. on each to help choose which to use.

Mabinogi Arts Index Story telling, fiction, fantasy, illustrations, paintings, sculpture, music, theatre, film/ video.

Scholars Index Short overview of the main Scholars, sort as timeline or A-Z. For info on many more scholars see Scholars & Theories Index.

Scholars & Theories Index Scholars; manuscripts; mediaeval history; dating debate; 'author'; Welsh Renaissance; early academics; mythological recnstruction; folklore motifs; structural analysis; interlacing; themes; politics; feminism; literature, language and style. Triads, poetry.

Quotes Index For longer quotes, to keep the other Indexes down in size. When there is a quote here it is marked in the relevant entry in another Index. Shortened references, but enough to find a full reference in the Mabinogi Bibliography.

See also the Mabinogi Bibliography.

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