Mabinogi Bibliography

In the Mabinogi Bibliography YOU CAN  … SEARCH for an author, title, date etc. … click open Notes to see extra info … Copy/ Paste an entry to reference it. If you SEARCH and get a list you like – copy all of it! More  Category searches on the way, as well as Timeline view by year of publication (work in progress Feb 2015).

There are 5 items in this collection.


, , 2008. Rhiannon: Curse Of The Four Branches (PC DVD), View Webpage » View notes »
, , 2009. User Generated Storytelling based on Social Network in MMORPG - " World of Warcraft", "Mabinogi", in: The Journal of the Korea Contents Association
, , 2011. Comparative Analysis on Value System of MMORPG, in: Journal of the Korea Contents Association
, , 2010. Analysis of Emotion Pattern for Game Player on Quest System : Towards of Tutorial Mode in Mabinogi Game,
, , , , , , 2013. From Separation to Integration, in: Journal. Games and Culture. pp. 30-57


WHAT IS IN IT? The Mabinogi Bibliography is firstly about the Four Branches of the Mabinogi, but it also has a lot of entries for The Mabinogion.’ There are selected background resources (e.g. Welsh historical context, and Middle Welsh.) Then there are key items of fiction, theatre, arts, media, music. Lots of online resources.

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