Story of Rhiannon

The story of Rhiannon in several parts.

Part 1. Rhiannon the bride.
Part 2. Rhiannon the mother.
Part 3. Rhiannon faraway.
Part 4. Rhiannon remarried.

Rhiannon is a chief protagonist in the Mabinogi. She is especially attractive to the modern view as a strong, determined woman, whose resourcefulness and style achieves her desire. Moreover Rhiannon appears blazing with enchantment and romance. She inspires great devotion from her chosen consort Pwyll and endures her suffering when sundered from her child with admirable fortitude.

This retelling stays extremely close to the original Mabinogi text, but in a flowing style, with some details omitted where these are fussy and only of interest to scholars.

Shan Morgain, January 2015.

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