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Lhuyd1707Archaeologia Britannica*B*R
1795Cambrian RegisterB1JJ
Pughe1795 ***'The Mabinogion' Pwyll I 1stB1Cym Eng Tr
Pughe1799'The Mabinogion' Pwyll cont.B1Cym Eng Tr
Jones, E1802'Mabinogi' EngB1Eng Tr*
Pughe1802‘Ancient Welsh Manuscripts’ LSA*BMyt Hist*R
Pughe1803Cambrian Biography
*BMyt Hist Biog*R*
Pughe1818‘Mabinogion’ Pwyll cont.B1Cym Eng Tr
Parry (Pughe)1821 ‘Pwyll’ Pwyll I EngB1Tr Eng
Pughe (?)1826-30Nine Sketches First Branch NLWB1Art
Pughe1828‘ Mabinogion’ incl. Branwen*B B2*R
Pughe1829‘Mabinogi Math’B4Cym Eng Tr
Pughe1833‘Mabinogi Math’B4Cym Eng Tr
Williams, R1836Biographical Sketch PugheBio*
Guest1838-49 ***The Mabinogion, 7v. 1st complete *BCym Eng Tr
Guest18381 Owain, or The Lady of the FountainCym Eng TrArt
Guest18392 Peredur the son of Evrawc.Cym Eng TrArt
Guest18403 Geraint the son of ErbinCym Eng TrArt
Guest18424 Kilhwch and OlwenCym Eng TrArt
Guest18435 Rhonabwy. Pwyll (Eng)B1Cym Eng TrArt
Guest18456 Pwyll (Cym). Branwen, Manawyd Math *BCym Eng TrArt
Guest18497 Mayen Wbdig, Lludd, TaliesinCym Eng TrArt
The Spectator1838Review, GuestRev
Monthly Review1839Review, GuestRev
Y Traethodydd1845(‘The Essayist’) Oldest, CymraegJJ Cym
Guest1849Mabinogion, 3 Vols.*BCym Eng TrArt*
Guest1849Mabinogion, 3 Vols.*BCym Eng TrArt*
Stephens1849Lit Kymry 12th-14thC*BHist *R Eng Tr*
Owen, W1857‘Notes Mabinogion’*R
Arnold1867Celtic Literature, IIHist Pol Myt*R*
Skene1868Four Ancient Books*BMaCym*
Guest1877Mabinogion Eng*BCym Eng TrArt*
Ffoulkes1880‘Y Mabinogion Cymreig’*BHist La
Lanier1881Boy’s Mabinogion Child*BReArt*
Nutt1884‘Mabinogion Studies’B2Myt*R*
Rhŷs, & Gwenogwvryn1887 ***Red Book> MSS. dip. ed. *BMa*R Cym

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