I duly worked on the list of primary Sources as instructed, which was useful.

I thought it would help Christine to get to grips with me if she saw a paper or two, so I analysed the first lines when Rhiannon appears “The Advent of Rhiannon.” Then I examined the gold silk she and others close to her wear, and its economics. “Rhiannon in Silk.”

Adjusted the project to fit the two required stages MA Res. then full PhD. Made a Research Plan to cover the next few months.

None of this was amazingly impressive but I was still taken aback when Christine dubbed my progress “Acceptable” on the record she has to make. Shocked, as I am accustomed to achieve well, I said dryly that I would really have to pull my socks up for her. It was her turn to be surprised. She said this was actually quite an approving term. I grumped it wasn’t to me. She kindly edited it to “very acceptable.”

A historic joke methinks.

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